About Phonix

Phonix Intervention Centre, a centre for counselling & special education is a multi disciplinary centre where all psychological issues are taken care like special education counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, work under the same roof.

Phonix derived from the name of bird Phoenix who can’t fly high but she never gives up and one day she succeed. So our believe is every individual can grow the highest of their potential if one could get the proper direction.

Vision & Mission

  • Help people reach their maximum potential.
  • To promote normative holistic development in children, young and wholesome family.
  • To bring awareness about common childhood problems and disabilities.
  • To create our society all disability friendly.
  • To make our school disability friendly.
  • Not only identify the problem but also provide help and support to the children.
  • Help parents to understand and accept their conditions of children.