IF = 3.489 (SJIF 2017)           ISSN 2456 - 5180 (Online)

Phonix – International Journal for Psychology and Social Sciences (ISSN 2456 – 5180 Online) is open access, double blinded referred and peer reviewed International Research Journal published by Phonix Intervention Centre. This journal is attempting to serve the dual role of providing relevant information and improving the way scholarly content is shared. It charges very nominal for publishing paper and provide publishing certificate.

It is fast track publishing, which provide works from extensive fields including Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Sports Psychology, Educational Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Social Psychology, Counseling, Neurological Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Cognitive Neurological Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, Applied Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Community Psychology, Environmental Psychology.

This journal is kept wide to provide platform for diversity of intellectual pursuit from all corners of the society for enrichment and enhancement of the group readers. The Journal is been published bi monthly. The journal is published bi-monthly in the first week of the month only in English.


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