February 2018, Vol. 2 and Issue. 1
1 Aggression in Children with Learning Disability
2 Comparative study of stress and non specific musculoskeletal pain (chronic fatigue syndrome and low back pain) among adults
3 Relationship of transformational and liassez leadership with intrinsic motivation and job satisfaction of the of the employees
4 Effect of WhatApp Messenger on the achievement of Undergraduate Science Students
5 Effect of Faculty on Mental Health
6 Media & Religion: Analyses of Development & Changes
7 Mental Health Issues and Challenges in India
8 Relationship of Study Habits and Academic Achievement of B. Ed Students at Different Levels of Intelligence
9 Social Competency of Deaf among Main Stream School and Special School Adolescents Children
10 Coping with Stress through Contemporary Approaches
11 Effect of Three Dimensional Health Care Advice on Psychological Risk Factors of Coronary Artery Disease Patients
12 Factors Underlying Juvenile Delinquency In Kerala Context
13 Mood and Feeling Patterns of Normal and HIV/AIDS Patients
14 Burden of Care on Wives of Alcohol Dependent Patients

April 2018, Vol. 2 and Issue. 2
1 Academic Self Concept and Emotional Maturity among Students with Learning Disability
2 Academic Stress and Study Habit among High School Students
3 Acquisition of Sign Mand in a Child with Autism Using Differential Reinforcement
4 Counseling: A tool for adjusting to life with Chronic-illness
5 Effect of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping on Anxiety and Quality of Life
6 Emotional intelligence of orphans in relation to their Self Concept
7 Gender Difference on Emotional maturity
8 The Quality Of Life among Cancer Survivor’s Receiving Chemotherapy
9 The role of Personality on Stress and Coping among Prisoners
10 The study on Self efficacy and Machiavellianism among Malayalee Community in USA

June 2018, Vol. 2 and Issue. 3
1 A Study of Life Satisfaction among Urban and Rural College Students
2 Attention among Female Hostlers When Using and Not Using Mobile Phones
3 Psychological Well being, Anxiety and Self-Esteem in Financially Independent and Dependent Elderly People

Aug 2018, Vol. 2 and Issue. 4
1 Comparative Study to Gauge Emotional Hiccups among Adolescents
2 Effect of Gender on Frustration
3 Psychological Wellbeing, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Job Satisfaction and Mental Health among Organizational Sector
4 Role of Religion and Spirituality in Mental Health: A Review
5 Sexist Dogma and Self-Subjugation: Role of Self-Objectification and Self-Surveillance
6 Prevalence of Depression among Undergraduate Students of Thrissur District

Oct 2018, Vol. 2 and Issue. 5
1 A study of anxiety, depression and stress among Under Graduate Students and Post Graduate Students
2 Impact of Counselling and Individual Education Programme on Dyscalculic child
3 Influence of Parenting Style on Eating Behaviors
4 Mystery Beyond Paranormal and Ouija Board
5 A Study of Attitude towards Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme of CBSE among Parents of Secondary School Students


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