February 2019, Vol. 3 and Issue. 1
1 A Case Study on Childhood Autism Associated With Seizure Disorder
2 A Quantitative Comparative study on Anxiety and Depression among Good Academic Performers of selected districts of Kerala and Karnataka
3 A Study of achievement motivation among 12th standard college going students
4 Achievement Motivation and Stress Tolerance among Police Officers
5 Comparative Study of Socio-Economic Status on Well-Being and Quality of Life among Old Aged Men
6 Dissociative Fugue - The changing definition
7 Mindfulness among Non-Ashtang Yoga Practitioners and Non-Yoga Practitioners
8 The Impact of Self-Efficacy and Assertiveness among Adolescents

April 2019, Vol. 3 and Issue. 2
1 Implementation of Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 – Inclusive Education – Implementation Perspective
2 Psychoanalytical approach to understand the metaphysics behind the anatomy of lungs and use of Hypnotherapy and Affirmations in the treatment of Asthma: A case study
3 Successful Aging and Quality of Life Among Retired Older People
4 OCEAN of FOMO- Correlation between Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), Personality and Social Media Engagement
5 Relationship between Internet Addiction & Mental Health on Adolescents
6 A Study of Adjustment among Adolescents
7 A Comparative Study of Emotional Intelligence among Male and Female Students
8 A Study of Aggression among Male and Female Students
9 A Study of self-concept among College Students
10 A Study of Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Achievement Motivation

June 2019, Vol. 3 and Issue. 3
1 Impact of Cognitive Style on Group Conformity and Social Loafing among Post Graduate Students
2 Gender difference between Mental Health
3 A study of anxiety and reaction time among graduate college students
4 Effect of Maturity on Psychological Attributes among Puberty Girls
5 Role of Science, Technology and Innovation towards Sustainable Development
6 A Study of Mental Health among Male and Female College Students
7 A study of competition exam studied married and unmarried women student compared emotional intelligence level.
8 A study of Anxiety, Depression and Stress among Boys and Girls College Student
9 Impact of Parenting Style on Self-Confidence of Adolescents.
10 A Comparative Study of Marital Adjustment among Divorced Couples
11 A Study of Comparative Adjustment among Urban and Rural College Students
12 Effect of Pessimistic and Optimistic Attitude on Personality Traits Team Game Players
13 A Comparative Study of Achievement Motivation and Self-concept among Farmer Students and Non-Farmer Students

Aug 2019, Vol. 3 and Issue. 4
1 Dreams Analysis and Resolution: A Therapeutic Process to Address Unresolved Emotional Issues through Dreams
2 Relationship between visual perceptual skills and reading: A case study
3 A Combative study of Stress, Anxiety and Depression among 10th and 12th Class Students
4 A Comparative Study of Social Loafing among Boys and Girls Senior College Students
5 Yoga is A Complete Modification from Burnout towards Being Healthy
6 Instilling Resilience in Classrooms
7 Application of Eating Attitude Test (EAT 26) on a Survey Based Study on Male and Female
8 “Gaming Your Way to Love”: An Exploration of the Role of Multiplayer Gaming In Romantic Relationships
9 Safe Guarding Human Rights & Violations in Marginalized & Excluded Sections of the Society
10 Role of Teachers in Fostering Happiness Skills as a Core Value
11 Mob Lynching: Collectively Harmful Influences of Social Media and Hidden irrational thoughts of REBT
12 A study on the assessment of levels of test – Anxiety in Children
13 The Relationship between Self Concept and Achievement Motivation among Senior College Students
14 Effect of Workplace Spirituality on Psychological Well-Being of Working Women across Different Professional Sectors
15 Contextualizing and Positioning Dalit Feminist Research in India
16 Role of Dalit Movements for Renaming Marathwada University: A Social Review

Oct 2019, Vol. 3 and Issue. 5
1 A comparative study on Depression and Anxiety among Working and Non-Working women in Parbhani District
2 A comparative study to assess the Effectiveness of Relaxation verses Breathing Techniques on labour pain relief among 1st stage of primi mothers at selected hospitals
3 A literature analysis of occupational burnout and mental health in different work sectors
4 A Study of Adjustment on Gender and Area of Residence among College Going Students
5 Depression, Anxiety, Stress among University Students
6 Effectiveness of Brain Based Learning Strategies on Achievement of IX Standard English Students
7 Impact of Mobile Addiction on Anxiety, Stress and Depression in College Students
8 Impact of Training Program on Children with Special Education Needs and Inclusive Education for General Education Teachers
9 Memes and Mental State: Comical or Dismal?
10 Relationship of Internet Addiction with Self-Esteem, Social Avoidance and Impulsivity

Dec 2019, Vol. 3 and Issue. 6
1 Changes observed in the portrayal of women in Indian English Novels with respect to the time of writing and gender of the author
2 Impect of Gender and Living of Area on Depression
3 A Study of Mental Health among College Students
4 A Study of Emotional Intelligence on Urban and Rural Collage Students
5 A comparative Study of Psychological Distress between College Boys and Girls
6 Internet Addiction
7 Effects of Photo Manipulation on the Self Esteem of Adolescence
8 An Intervention Program for Awareness of Home Science among Junior College Students in the Latur City
9 Effect on Personality of Social Media among Female College Students
10 A Study of Anxiety on Faculty, Gender and Area of Residence among 12th Class Students
11 A Study of Mental Health among Adolescence
12 A Comparative Study of Self Esteem among Male and Female College Students
13 A Study of Nuclear family children and joint family children with respect to Emotional Maturity
14 A Study of Superstition Among the College Students as Related to Religiosity, Sex, Nature of Education and Parents’ Education


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