22nd Edition - Oct 2020, Vol. 4, Issue. 5

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1 A Study of Alienation on Arts, Commerce and Science Students Dr. Umakant Subhash Gaikwad umakantpsy03@gmail.com
2 A Study of Mental Health among Hospital Employee Dr. Sangeeta Malviya malviyasangeeta.mzp@gmail.com
3 Efficacy of Multimedia Instructional Strategies on Learning Science Concepts in Children with Moderate Intellectual Disability Sudhakar P.V.B pvbsudhakar@gmail.com
4 Effect of Differentiating Instruction using Multiple Intelligences on achievement subjects of among mixed ability student in the primary classroom Suraj Singh, Ph.D --
5 Impact of Orientation on Disability Legislations among Parents having Children with Intellectual Disability Ms. Parveena peerunagil@gmail.com
6 An Analytical Analysis of Parents’ Role in Inclusive Education in Malappuram District, Kerala Sharafudeen Thanikatt, Dr. Ved Prakash Sharma, Vijay Raj Bollapalli dps.raja@gmail.com, sharaf45@hotmail.com, drsurajs17@gmail.com
7 A Study of Life Satisfaction among Adolescence Dr. Ramesh D. Waghmare rdjalna@rediffmail.com
8 A Psychological Aspect of the Players Attitude: A Review of New Techniques for Coping Emotions and Self-Defeating Thoughts. Sandeep D Satonkar sdsatonkar@gmail.com
9 A Study of Mental Health and Stress among Sportsmen and Non-sportsmen Ganesh Vijay Shewale and Dr. Atul Bapurao Pawar shewaleganesh94@gmail.com
10 Stress management and use of yoga Dr. Vilas Gokul Mahajan vilasgmahajan@gmail.com
11 Personality Traits among Orphan Students and Normal Students Sunanda Rameshwar Korde sunandakorde@rediffmail.com
12 Impact of Yoga on Psychological Attributes Dr. Jadhav Sunil Eknath suniljadhavpsy@gmail.com
13 A Study among Male and Female Judokas Respect to Self-Concept and Achievement Motivation Syed Riyazuddin and Dr. Shaikh Afsar Shaikh Rasheed --
14 A Study of Youth Problems among College Students Dr. Nagorao Manikrao Palwade dr.palwadenm@gmail.com